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Why Learn English in the Philippines?

Why Learn English in the Philippines?


Best Value



If you want to have one-to-one classes and you don’t have a big budget, the Philippines is the

best destination. Group classes are also very good value as class sizes are small. 


Experience a

New Culture


Colonized first by Spain and then by the USA, the Philippines is a unique mix of East and West,
and the only catholic country in Asia. Many pre-colonial traditions survive, while more recent
influences have been given a uniquely Philippine flavour. 




The Philippines is known for its numerous beautiful beaches and is one of the best destinations

in the world for scuba diving. 





From local products in markets to brand name items in the Malls, prices in the Philippines are

much lower than in most countries.


Thousands of

Islands to Visit


You certainly won’t run short of places to visit in the Philippines. Whether you just want to relax

and enjoy the beautiful scenery, or prefer outdoor activities, the Philippines has a lot to offer.

See Things to do page for more details. 


An Experience

You Will

Never Forget


Everyone who comes to the Philippines will always remember the time they spent here.