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These courses include TOEFL or TOEIC 1:1 classes and a General English group class. The 1:1 classes help students become familiar with TOEFL/TOEIC material and exam techniques. The group class will help to improve all your skills in English.


TOEFL and TOEIC Courses (Daytime)

Intensive Course
  • 1:1               6 TOEFL / TOEIC classes per day (50 mins per class)
  • 1:4 or 1:8     1 General English group class (100 mins)


Standard Course
  • 1:1              4 TOEFL / TOEIC classes per day (50 mins per class)
  • 1:4 or 1:8    1 General English group class (100 mins)


Note: Classes on Fridays are 45 or 90 mins.


If you want additional evening classes, we can arrange them for you.


For your TOEFL or TOEIC 1:1 classes, you can choose from the following:

(with Practice Tests)   
TOEFL or TOEIC Reading   
TOEFL or TOEIC Writing   
TOEFL or TOEIC Listening   
TOEFL or TOEIC Speaking   
TOEFL or TOEIC Grammar & Vocabulary (Intermediate and above only)


Minimum Level Requirement
: Pre-intermediate / CEFR Level A2 high


You can also combine TOEFL or TOEIC with other classes. See Make Your Course page for more information.

Note: If you wish to enroll in a TOEFL or TOEIC Course but your level is too low, you will need to do General English classes first. 


Official TOEIC/TOEFL Test

If you are taking the official TOEIC or TOEFL test in the Philippines, you will be provided with an updated test schedule and other information. Processing of test application will also be done by the school. For more information, click on the links below.

TOEIC - http://www.hopkins.ph/toeic/toeic-philippines-policies-and-guidelines 
TOEFL - http://www.hopkins.ph/toefl-philippines 


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