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Things to Prepare


  • Passport– valid for at least six months. For visas, please check the Visa information page.
  • Airline ticket– the ticket should be a round-trip ticket
  • Overseas travel insurance– see our Terms and Conditions.
  • Medicine– Bring any specific medications you need to take. Most medications can be bought in the Philippines but they may be sold under different brand names.
  • Clothing. Cebu has a warm climate all year round, so you will need light summer clothes.
  • Cash / Credit Card / International Cash Card / ATM card / Travellers Cheques

Cash is easiest and there are plenty of places you can change major currencies (US$, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Yen). Other currencies may be more difficult to exchange. However, it is not a good idea to travel with a lot of cash. It is safer to bring Travellers Cheques. These should be American Express in US$. You can change them at most major banks, but you may have to wait a long time to be served. You should definitely bring a Credit Card (visa or mastercard - most restaurants, hotels, department stores and resorts accept payment by credit-card) and / or International Cash Card and / or an ATM card. You should ask your bank if your card can be used in ATMs in the Philippines, and what the charges are.


Things you might need

Most things can be bought cheaply (except electrical goods and books) in Cebu, but you may want to bring some of your favourite items with you.

  • English (electronic) dictionary / reference book. You may want to bring your favourite grammar book, for example. However, the Pacific Tree library has many books, some which you can borrow (including novels in simple English).
  • Laptop computer. Not essential because Pacific Tree has an internet room for students. You may find it convenient to bring your laptop if you have one as we have wi-fi.
  • Travellers’ handbook
  • Adaptor. The standard voltage in the Philippines is 220V. Unless you are from the Americas, Liberia, Taiwan, Japan and possibly Saudi Arabia, you will not need a voltage adaptor. You may need a plug adaptor but this can bought in Cebu. You can compare your country with the Philippines on this link: http://www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plug-voltage-by-country/
  • Long-sleeved shirt or blouse. You might need this if you plan to go to rural or high altitude areas.
  • Cosmetics, sun block cream, insect repellent spray etc. Unless you have a favourite brand, it is probably easier and cheaper to buy them here.
  • Beach sandals, swimming costume, umbrella, beach towel. Again, it is probably cheaper and easier to buy them here.
  • Camera, video, cell phone. You can buy these items here but they may be only a little cheaper than in your country. You can get a cheap cell phone for about US$15 together with a sim card.