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Things To Do

There are plenty of things to do and see during your stay in Cebu. Here are some highlights. Just check the links for more details. We can make bookings for you and arrange transport where necessary (our assistance is, of course, free).


Edge Coaster


One of the biggest attractions in Cebu is the world’s first Edge Coaster at the top of the city’s tallest building. If you like bungee jumping, you will enjoy this too.





About 30 minutes from the school, there is a waterpark with themed pools, a spa, a casino, a fitness centre and a Go Kart track. There are also evening shows and several dining areas.



Crocolandia (Crocodile farm and mini zoo)




The Crocolandia Foundation Inc., founded in 2001, is a nature conservation centre located in the Talisay district of metro Cebu. The park houses birds, lizards, snakes, and crocodiles. The park also breeds endangered animals such as Philippine crocodile and the sailfin lizard. It also has a museum, a library, gardens, and fishponds.



Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery


Jumalon Museum, Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery is a private museum, art gallery and nature reserve run by the Jumalon Foundation. It is located in Julian N. Jumalon St. Basak, in the Pardo district of Cebu. 


The “paintings” are made from butterfly wings.



Island Hopping

There are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines. We can arrange day trips for you to see some of them.



One of the islands near Cebu that you can visit. 



Scuba Diving / Snorkelling

The underwater scenery in the Cebu region is among the best in world. After learning English on weekdays, you can go scuba diving for fun and/or get an internationally recognised scuba diving license. 




Tornado of sardines. One whirlwind that you shouldn’t miss.



You can go underwater walking! 


Recommended Dive Shops:
- Aquaholic Divers https://www.facebook.com/aquaholicdiversinc
- Pacific Cebu Resort http://www.pacificcebu-resort.com/




Most of the best resorts are on Mactan Island (where the airport is) so getting to them from Pacific Tree is not difficult. Some popular resorts to try out: 

Plantation Bay http://plantationbay.com/ 
Shangri-La www.shangri-la.com/cebu/mactanresort




Cebu and its surrounding areas have many beaches where you can do more than just swim or lie in the sun.



Weekend Trips

There are many other attractions and places of interest which you can visit over a weekend. Nearby Bohol island is famous for its Chocolate Hills, while Moalboal (on the other side of Cebu island) is near the Kawasan waterfall and has lots of dive centres. It is also good for wind surfing at certain times of the year.

Shopping and Malls

Filipinos love hanging out in shopping malls and Cebu has two of the largest in the world and a third, even larger one, will open later this year. Many visitors to Cebu like to take advantage of the many bargains that can be had in the city's malls. All malls have supermarkets and moneychangers as well as fast food outlets and coffee shops such as KFC, McDonalds and Starbucks. There are also food courts where you can get local food at very low prices.



Ayala Mall

A great place for buying well-known brand names is Ayala Mall. It also has a lot of restaurants and five cinemas. There is something for everyone here. Ayala is about 15 to 20 minutes by taxi from Pacific Tree.


Luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent can be found at Rustan's Department store in Ayala.



SM City Mall

SM City Cebu is currently the biggest mall in Cebu. It also has many well-known brands as well eight cinemas and a bowling alley. SM City is about 15 minutes by taxi from Pacific Tree. 



There are also many smaller malls around Metro Cebu. Park Mall (pictured right) is about ten minutes by taxi from Pacific Tree. J Centre is also not far from our school. 

You can check out the links below for more information.