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Food and Entertainment

Cebu’s food and entertainment scenes are alive at most times of the day and night. There is a good selection of restaurants serving often inexpensive Thai, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Indian, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Ukrainian and Filipino food (among others).




City Time Square (left) is opposite Park Mall and not far from Pacific Tree while I.T. Park (right) is another popular destination for an evening out.




The Terraces at Ayala. Whatever your taste in food, you will definitely find something you like here. It’s also a good place just to sit and admire the view. Expect to pay P250 to P400 (US$5.50 to US$9) at most places.

Many hotels have ‘all you can eat’ buffets from around P400 / US $9.



Blue Bar at the Marco Polo Hotel (left) and La Vie Parisienne (right) are relaxing places to spend an evening.



You can go and see a film or go clubbing. Have a drink while listening to a jazz or reggae band, or try out some of the many karaoke bars.


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