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Student Services

We do our best to provide you with services that will make your stay both productive and memorable. 


Academic Assistance


Student Advisers (Student Guidance Service) 
Our teacher trainers are always available if you have any concerns about classes and courses, or if you need advice about any language weaknesses you have.



Library Services 
You can use our library reference sources and borrow novels, including ‘easy readers’ to suit your level.


Our Student Affairs Officer

Non-academic Assistance


Money Exchange 
We will help you do this when you arrive.



Hotel/Resort Accommodation Assistance 
We can help you book your accommodation when planning a short trip.



Buddy System 
Our staff will help you find a companion if you don’t want to go somewhere alone or if you just want someone to speak English with outside class.



Car & Van Rental 
We can help you with this (with or without driver).



Suggestions & Assistance 
If you don’t know where to go or what to do, we can recommend places to visit, outdoor and other activities, and restaurants to try. Just let us know what you want!