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About Pacific Tree International Language Academy



Based in Cebu, Philippines, Pacific Tree International Language Academy welcomes language students from all over the world. We are committed to providing quality personalized language instruction at an affordable price in a friendly and professional environment. We offer a wide range of learning experiences for individuals in, and outside, the classroom. Whether you want to study English, or other languages, for educational, professional or personal enrichment, we have programmes designed for you.



Messages from Some of Our Investors


“I invested in Pacific Tree International Language Academy because I should like to provide quality language education to students in an environment where they will feel comfortable and can experience another culture. Based on my own experience of learning English in the Philippines, living in another country is very challenging for non-English speakers, especially if it is the first time. Not knowing the language means that you can’t fully express your feelings or understand the people very well. At our school, I am confident that we can help you improve your English skills by providing higher quality teachers for a better learning experience, so that you can realize your dreams and ambitions.”

- Koichi Yazaki(BS Computer Science, University of San Carlos, Cebu City) 


“Pacific Tree International Language Academy was established with the core value of providing language education of quality and value. It is this value which has persuaded me to join my co-investors in the Academy. To ensure a better future for our students from many countries, together we shall strive to provide a new and original language learning experience. During your stay here we shall also be happy to show you our beautiful and unique Philippine island of Cebu.”

- Jasen G. Ngo(Civil Engineer)



Our Location



By taxi from Pacific Tree, it takes approximately:

20 minutes to the airport;  

15 – 20 minutes to SM mall;  

10 - 20 minutes to Ayala mall;  

10 – 15 minutes to JCentre mall;  

15 – 20 minutes to the main market;  

15 – 20 minutes to Mango Square / Fuente Osmena (entertainment area)  

30 – 40 minutes to most of the beach resorts.  


Note: Cebu does not really have a city centre (the destinations listed above are all in different areas of the city).