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Classrooms(no cubicles). Our classrooms are well-ventilated and sound-proofed, so you will be able to focus on your lessons.



Library. We have up-to-date international course books. If you like reading or if you want to learn English during your free time, our library has books and novels that you can borrow.




Students' Lounge. Furnished with comfortable sofas and chairs as well as cable TV, games and lockers where you can leave your things.


Clinic. We have a nurse who can assist you if you are not feeling well.






Study Room. If you want access to the internet, there are computers provided in the study room for students’ use. You can also access Wi-Fi with your laptop.


There is a cafeteria where students can have meals or snacks. They can also relax, study or enjoy the city view from the open deck.




For your convenience, the building in which we are located has:





Massage Parlour




Courier Service and Payment Center




Japanese Restaurant


Send us your inquiries through our NEW email address: info.pacifictreeacad@gmail.com or call us at (032) 3492251