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Teachers & Staff

Note: All our teachers have received at least four weeks training (including classroom practice) and have teaching certificates. We recognize CELTA, Cert.TESOL (Trinity), DELTA and Dip.TESOL (Trinity). The minimum requirement for Pacific Tree teachers is Cambridge TKT Modules 1, 2 & 3. They must have Band 3 (the second highest band, generally comprehensive and accurate knowledge of all areas on the TKT Modules 1,2 & 3) or Band 4 (the top band, comprehensive and accurate knowledge of all areas on the TKT Modules 1,2 & 3).

See www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/22185-tkt-band-descriptors.pdf for more information on what these Bands mean.

Yoshie (Managing Director)

She earned a degree in Japanese Literature and has worked as a professor of Japanese Traditional Succession and an instructor of Japanese Costume KIMONO. She has been in the ESL industry since 2007 and has worked as a Japanese coordinator. For the past five years, she has been the Branch Manager of the Association of English Studies in the Philippines. Her years of experience dealing with people and her knowledge about language schools are very useful in her job.

Myra (Academic Manager)

Myra has 12 years of experience in ESL as a teacher, teacher trainer, material/curriculum developer and testing officer. She is a graduate of Immanuel Bible College and is a Licensed English Teacher. She is also a Cambridge TKT certified teacher and is a TESDA Trainer Certificate holder. She is passionate about her work and finds teaching a rewarding career. She has been to Northern California and Oregon, U.S.A. She enjoys reading inspirational and self-help books, watching documentary films, cooking and doing handicraft. She also loves taking nature photos and donates some of them to a charitable organization for fund raising purposes. She is finishing her TESOL course in October 2017.

Dawson  (Head Trainer)

He graduated with a degree in Business Management. He has taught ESL since 2005 and has dealt with different kinds of learners from around the world. He has taught General English, IELTS, TOEIC and Business English. This experience, together with his Cambridge TKT certification makes him become more effective as a trainer. His excellent pronunciation is shown in the TOEIC Speaking Test where he got a perfect score. He is into singing, song writing, exercising and he has good presentation skills.

Jonathan (American English Teacher)

He majored in Accounting and has taught ESL since 2014. He has experienced teaching TOEIC, SPA, Military English and OPIC. He is good at giving speeches, verbal and non-verbal communication and financial statement analysis. He likes basketball, boxing and anime.

Joniefer (English Teacher)

Joniefer has been teaching English since 2006. He has taught General English, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Business English and English for Specific Purposes. He is a graduate of Cebu Technological University where he was the Associate Editor-in-Chief of the university's official publication. He is a Cambridge TKT Certified Teacher. His hobbies include photography, watching movies, reading English books, and cooking Filipino food.

Bless (English Teacher)

Bless graduated with a major in Mass Communication. She has taught English for four years in Vietnam and in the Philippines. She also has an online teaching experience. Before becoming a teacher, she was a writer for online magazines and other publications. She has gained Cambridge TKT certificates where she got Band 4 in all three modules. Bless likes reading fiction and has kept a blog. She also enjoys travelling and has been to seven countries.

Rommel (English Teacher)

He gained a degree in Information Technology and  worked as a call center agent for his first job. He has taught ESL since 2014 and in 2016, he became a Cambridge TKT certified teacher. He likes teaching group and business classes. He is good at painting, drawing and photoshop. He also enjoys cooking during weekends. 

Reyzel (English Teacher)

Reyzel is a graduate in Business Administration Major in Management Accounting. She has taught General English to junior and adult students and Business English for university students and professionals. She's been teaching ESL for more than three years now. As a Cambridge TKT Certified Teacher, she believes that "There's no prerequisite in learning things, so nothing can hinder you"

Gollie (English Teacher)

She is a graduate of Baptist Theological College and a licensed teacher since 2012. She has been teaching ESL for four years including General English, TOEIC, English for Professionals and IELTS. She is Cambridge TKT certified. She loves reading biographies, poetry, and inspirational books.

Reyn (English Teacher)

Reyn is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and is a Licensed Teacher. She has studied Master of Arts in Education. She has taught English since 2014 and is a Cambridge TKT Certified Teacher. Reyn loves reading horror and tragic stories and watching documentary programs. She is also interested in teaching underprivileged people.

Francis (English Teacher)

Francis is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Education Major in English from the University of San Jose-Recoletos. He had his internship in both private and public schools. He previously worked as an online English Teacher. He has taught General English, TOEIC and TOEFL. Though he is already teaching, he always finds a way to read more English classic and contemporary books, watch American movies, and dance. He likes designing, too.

Sheam (English Teacher)

Sheam is a graduate of Nursing in Benedicto College. She has been in the ESL industry since 2013 and has taught General English and English for Nursing courses. She has experienced teaching in English camps and regular ESL classes. She is a Cambridge TKT Certified Teacher. Sheam loves playing the guitar and is an active member of the music team in the church that she attends.

Eira (English Teacher)

Eira is a Cambridge TKT Certified Teacher. She is a graduate of Western Mindanao State University with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in English. Before she became an ESL teacher, she worked for the Local Government of Zamboanga City. During her free time, she listens to pop-rock music, watches movies, reads novels and travel blogs. She spends most of her free time watching movies and reading books. She also loves travelling to different local tourist destinations.